Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Fair Day at the Fair: Odds and Sods

Fun at the fair! Lots of exclamation points!
The Turkey Stampede! Which is exactly what it sounds like! (They chased feed in a motorized toy truck)!
A turkey named Turkules (rhymes with "Hercules)!

Someone's "collection" of whiskers that fell off their cats!
Jams and jellies!
My collection of floating (or "floaty" pens), which did not win a ribbon! Boo!

Cornhole (!?) champions!
Tigers in wood!
Rocks that look just like food!
Paul's Big Balls!
Fluorescent rocks!


JuJu said...

Well, I HAVE to say it, it's just too easy.
I love Paul's big balls.

shari said...

well, I love your floaty pens... you get a ribbon from ME!! what a fun day at the fair! thanks for sharing... i feel like i got to go along with you...

DD said...

Being a "Del Martian," I can't say I love everything about the Fair, but your photos remind me of what I do love--the animals, the quirky and hokey exhibits/contests, and the flowers and garden exhibits if I get there early enough. King of cornholes, just hysterical. Who would have known there was a prize for that!

Libby Buttons said...

I think the wooden tiger may be leaping at Pauls...well...never mind.
Ive never seen such rare exhibits at the fair. Rocks that look like food? Perhaps at our fair this year I will enter some of my food..which tastes like rocks.
aka "LiBBy BuTTons"