Monday, July 20, 2009

Mademoiselle Lulu

You know how some sites warn you if photos are NSFW (not safe for work)? This post is NSFYPH (not safe for your poor head, since it WILL explode from the cuteness). Really...don't say you haven't been warned! Now, if only we had Scratch-n-Sniff going on here--ah, the glorious puppy breath!

Voila: Lulu, the baby bull terrier. And no, she's not mine! And no, Tallulah Mae and Lulu have not yet made each others' acquaintance...

So? Is your head still attached to your neck, or has it just blown clear off from cuteness overload? (I've had to attach mine with a sturdy tether in order to even write this post!)

Aren't all dogs just beyond darling, each in his/her own way?!


Robin said...

where is my head? it has clearly blown off. O. M. G.

shari said...

oh yes.. had to get out the duct tape to stay attached to my head. tallulah would be so jealous of so much puppy cuteness! which i understand completely, having spent an entire week with gorgeous young teen and twenty-somethings.. i USED to have a waist... (whimper..) thanks for the puppy-loving smiles you brought me.

Libby Buttons said...

I don't know which I adore more....puppy breath or stinky baby feet....I could wallow in both for hours. What a sweet puppy smile she has and what great photos. Thanks for sharing.

aka "LiBBy BuTTons"