Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cucumbers Large and Small

This has been a rather crappy year for gardening for me except for my fabulous artichoke surprise. I chalk it up to terrible soil: my cutting garden (other than sweet peas) was nonexistent because no seeds germinated, plus I planted tomatoes late and have yet to see any fruit; the plants don't really seem to be thriving, either.
But I do have a Japanese cucumber...the little dude in the second photo, which I thought would turn into Cucumber No. 2 has now shriveled up and fallen off. But hey, at least there's one! Small victories...


shari said...

oh sherri! i am so sorry about your garden sorrow! we have a garden for the first time in years, and since we are having this unusually hot and dry summer, with lots of watering, our garden in going crazy! i am so happy when i am eating out of our own garden! here's (magical fairydust) wishes for more vegies from yours for you!

Libby Buttons said...

do to bad health and worse luck I didnt get my garden in until the end of June! I hate a bad gardening year...such a disappointment. I did amend my soil this year with mushroom manure and sand but it only helps if you plant on time.