Monday, January 18, 2010

A Little Offering

Look what I found on a walk with Miss Mae: this sweet assortment of foziewisps! Love it! (It was out in front of a house where two cute little girls live, so they may have had a hand in its assembly.)


JuJu said...

I can just hear those girls' conversation now. "And, one day a prince with flowing hair will marry me and make me a princess, and I will carry this pink flower and my doggy will be my baby."

Robin said...

Very sweet. When i was little, my grandmother used to watch me while my mom worked. Every night on the way home, before I left my Grandmother's house, i would plant a collection of foziewisp in this one same spot. In the morning, when I came back my Grandma would put a lollipop in the dirt at that spot. I used to think it grew over night!!!