Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Like

The ocean.
Mechanical chimps wearing leis.
This weird photo.
This sentiment.
Pink chalk.

What do you like today?


Robin said...

I like that I cleaned out a whole bunch o' stuff that was bogging down the bedroom. Ahhhhh. Out, out, out it goes! Love the peonies. Got some recently from TJ's and they were spectacular!

shari said...

i love, love, love the ocean. and peonies...they're my favorite! and yours is gorgeous! and i like my bohemian mountain. and your blog! i like that you make me laugh out loud sometimes (sometimes its tallulah). i wish you lots of banana-bready-type wishes today...

JuJu said...

I like you.
I like cream cheese.
I like that crazy chimp.
Stanley rocks my world.
I like your blog.

I like the word: cheas

Andy's Attic said...

I like life.
I like sunshine and blue skys.
I like most flowers.
I like your blog...thanks,

Betty Rockit said...

I like Stanley too!

vivi said...

I like little girls with Mickey Mouse ears on their head, a corsage on their shirt, and cowboy boots on their feet. I also like little girls who catch "fairies" and keep them in an old glass jar. And I like little girls who "grow up" to be foziewisps. XXXOOO

Kathryn said...

I miss the ocean. (like oxygen)
I like all flowers, even weeds.
I like Allie, Callie and Chloe.
I like frosting on anything.
I like people to smile.
I like Tallulah and Foziwisp!
I like that I can replace the above "likes" with the word "love"