Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blorpety Blorpety Blorp

Munchety munchety munch...this dude was chowing down on one of my tomato plants. And pooping. A lot. I removed him/her/it, broke off a big stem of the plant, and put the whole shebang over in the greenery recycling barrel. Hopefully it will turn into a chrysalis before it's recycling day! I actually think these are quite beautiful. And the "horn"? That's its butt end...

These turn into sphinx moths, quite cool themselves--they're so big and move in much the same way that hummingbirds do, so they're often mistaken for a hummingbird as they fly around at dusk. {Beep--move the filmstrip forward...}


JuJu said...

I think I might have a horn on my butt end.


With a tropical storm just off our coast, the wayesc are very tallc todayc.

Robin said...

That is so funny. The horn! The blorping, the pooping! Hey, at least it's not a bed bug!

word: dings
I don't vant to do anyting mit dese dings

p.s. how can i ever out-do JuJu???