Thursday, September 16, 2010

Encore Presentation

Kitten lip!!!!!
Green kitten eyes and razor-like kitten claws!!!!

She is living over here, at the home of Miss Various and Sunday, but there has been some disturbance in the cat-o-sphere over there. Things are slowly improving, but if someone might be interested should the two cats not come to an understanding, do let me know! (This means you, my L.A. friend who called about this kitten--come on, you need a kitten, you know you do!)


dale and shari said...

i don't need a cat but that is one cutie pie of a cat! i am costa rica right now and foziewisps abound all around me!!! all our house plants are on steroids here...they are huge bushes out in the yard! i love it here. hope all is well with you. i haven't been keeping up with everyone's blogs lately but i hope to from now on...

Robin said...

Thanks Sherri! The "due date" if you will is Oct. 11, so all you grey-kitten-lovers out there, mark your calendars! It's quite sad, but my little sweetheart Kate simply cannot be compromised. Oh, and they say grey cats are the smartest (I'm in marketing).

word: outbeddle
He tried to outbeddl me, but I found another dollar and threw it down.