Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sewing Mojo

Look what I made on Sunday! A cute and comfy cotton/linen sleeveless pin-tucked tunic! Yay! I made it at a class at this swell place, Home Ec Studio. It's not finished (need to tack the neckline and sleeve openings down and hem it...and it needs to be pressed, of course). It's from a Japanese pattern book (love love love them), and in the course of modifying the (super small) pattern, the sleeves got f'ed up so we just decided that I should make it sleeveless ("we" is me and Roselle, my super-cool instructor).

I plan to try to make another one, with sleeves (I think we corrected the pattern properly). I sooo enjoy sewing and I think this has jump-started me to want to pursue further projects. Practice, practice, practice, as with all things. My mom is an impeccable seamstress, so perhaps I can live up to her talents one of these days!

True story: I never took home ec in high school because I was in band/orchestra--can you say "Band Buddy"--so no time for another elective. I'm home ec challenged!


Mandy Crandell said...

I think it looks great! I'm home ec-challenged too. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks really great. Congrats. D

JuJu said...

I am so impressed! I'm going to start calling you Betsy Ross.

I took a home ec class my senior year, but there was very little good stuff like that. We had to learn to keep a house. (balance a checkbook, pay bills, maybe cook one good meal)

And, I too was a band geek/buddy. :-)


I depha-nitely think you are a good seamstress.

shari said...

pin-tucks! i'm impressed! i was in band,too but i did have one home ec class. i remember sewing a raggedy ann doll and a skirt.

Robin said...

It's beautiful! Good job sewing girl! Go go go!