Monday, November 15, 2010

A China Holiday: Day Two

On Day Two in Shanghai, we visited the Shanghai Museum, an amazing (free!) museum full of themed galleries (scrolls, bronzes, ceramic, coins, etc.). My absolute favorite was the gallery showing costumes of China's minorities. The needlework was jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Crowded, of course...full of school children, some of whom came dressed in ethnic costumes. Here are the boys...
And the girls. Cute!
A street scene...note the laundry drying out the windows...
Hello Kitty--she's everywhere.
The Pearl Tower.
Then we went to Yuyuan Market and Bazaar. There actually is a beautiful garden here, but we got there too late to go in.

Oh yes I did!!! Starbucks, yum!
These are some of the buildings in the bazaar area. DQ and Starbucks were there, as were many people.Many many people. This is a famous zigzag bridge that we're all crossing.
Shanghai, old and new.
Love all of the dumpling baskets piled up in this restaurant window (also love the sign!).

We all had dinner at this famous restaurant.
A store where I actually bought something--little notebooks, of course.

We took a nighttime cruise on the Huangpu River. Every building was lit up. That's the Pearl Tower again.
All of the boats were lit up, too.

A long day, but a fun one!I know exactly how this little dude felt...I would have done that if I could have!


JuJu said...

That picture with the dumpling baskets reminds me of the Top Chef Finale in Shanghai.

I am just amazed at the number of people.


I love me some Anne of Green Grables.

Andy's Attic said...

You really got some great pics. I love the Pearl Tower. How great to have seen so many interesting places and people!