Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vintage Sampler Sale Report

Another interruption of the China Holiday (next we move from Shanghai to Beijing!) to report on the Vintage Sampler Yard Sale. There were even about a dozen folks lined up before we opened...
It was a fun (and looong) day. Lots of friends and neighbors stopped by, which was nice. The pink lemonade and cookies were yummy. Was it profitable? Hmm...We all three made some money, but if you break it down into an hourly rate, not so great--and alas, I still have all of my heavy and bulky items (boo!). My two co-sellers were tons of fun, as always--thanks a bunch, girlies!

BTW, The boudoir doll pictured here will soon be up in my Etsy shop, as will the various globes scattered about in the photos above.


JuJu said...

Fun Fun Fun!
Does that doll have just one arm, or am I seeing things?


Did you know that Rizzo, from Grease, has a sister? Her name is Ratto!

Robin said...

I agree! Fun! A big money-maker? Hm?? Well, we went forth and we learned. That's all you can ask.

aporsa: Is that an aporsa on the side of his nose?