Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Breathe Deep

How I wish you all could breathe deep and smell these lovelies fresh from my garden. The bush from whence these came has gone berserk: it sent up skinny canes about seven feet in the air and then proceeded to make dozens of roses at the end of each puny cane. I haven't the heart to cut it back while it is blooming--I think a real rosarian probably would--so I've been bringing in fresh roses every day. They only last about two days, but ahhhh...the aroma is heavenly, sort of a sweet lemony scent. The rose is Karl Lagerfeld.


JuJu said...

This picture is reminding me of my dear grandmother! I love this. And, I imagine the aroma is even MORE beautiful than the flowers!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Karl Lagerfeld? I hope Coco Chanel has a rose too. Oh, just looked, there is a Chanel (without the Coco). It's a deep pink.