Monday, July 2, 2012

*&#@*$'ing Gophers!

 Sorry to fake swear, but behold what the gophers have wrought. This was a rosebush. They have gnawed it off at the roots and killed it dead.
Look closely at this pic: you can actually see the marks of their gopher teeth--it looks as if someone has planed this wood with a tool.

Oh yeah, gophers, IT'S ON!!!! (P.S. I'm not going to kill them, despite their destructiveness. We will win, however, because we have opposable thumbs and the Internet (perhaps no match against their giant gopher teeth...).

Next up: this.


Kathryn said...

OMG!!!! It must be gopher season!!
I have one "aerating" the front yard and flower beds. The whole thing collapses when you walk on it.
I bought those stakes that are battery operated to vibrate and beep... yeah. The cheeky bastard seems to be enjoying them, digging right up to them! It's been 16 days since I put them in and every day there are at least 10 more mounds. I even see him poking out of the ground!
I'm such a bleeding heart for animals but I'm about ready to...

Colleen said...

We had gophers in the backyard last summer. It looked like a war zone between the mounds and Bear trying to dig them up (he was of course unsuccessful). One day they just moved on, must have run out of yard to dig up!

Looks like it was a nice rosebush too!

JuJu said...

I am totally seeing Caddyshack. And you are now Bill Murray trying to conquer the gopher, but without the dynamite....