Sunday, July 1, 2012

SOP: Week One

 Week One: The desk. Yikes.

BEFORE: I will note that some of the mess to the right of the desk is not mine. The rest of it is, though! Or should I say "was"?
 There IS a desk under there somewhere, under the papers and linen for embroidery and toy sewing machines and bags and whatnot.
Yay! And it took me a long time because I actually filed and sorted, not just tucked stuff away. As often happens if you let things sit around in piles, much of it was no longer relevant/had expired/was in the "why was I saving this?" category. The bin in front of the desk and the carryall at left side are Etsy merch. The carryall is things listed that need to go into storage in the garage; in the bin in front are things photographed but not yet listed. The Etsy business means a lot more potential for clutter...which means I SHOULD be working extra diligently to make sure it doesn't accumulate.

Week Two challenge: this collection of paper. I adore paper of all sorts and keep bits of it for this and that. This pile o' paper does get used, but it is no longer organized at all. Week Two's challenge should be much easier...I think! 


JuJu said...

I'm tired after week #1.

But, I"m quite impressed that you got it done! Did you find anything you thought you had lost?

Good luck with week #2!!

Andy's Attic said...

Congratulations...especially on the sorted and filed instead of stashing somewhere else!!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, paper!


Robin Paparella Hardy said...

Check you out!?? Good job getting yourself organized! i have some many little boxes, bins, and tins full of assorted whatnot - none of which is related to anything else in there. What is that? I think I was a skweerrrl in a previous life!!!

Kathryn said...

Ahhh. Paper.
Okay now, I said I would join in your SOP and I DO have a list! But, you've seen my desk/studio. How am I supposed to clean my mess as well as you? Darn!