Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Heart Mother Nature

 I never cease to be amazed by and excited about amaryllis bulbs. This one sat there, doing nothing, for a month, and I thought I'd overwatered it and caused it to rot. But no: above, December 19--one stalk and bud.
 January 6th: two stalks, three flower buds.
 January 11.
 You can see that the second stalk is almost as tall as the first one.
 These flowers are so baroque and over the top.
January 25: Stalk number one is finished (that's it on the right) and number two is in full glorious bloom.
So much fun from a $5.99 kit from Ace Hardware!

And after this one finishes (in a day or two), I have an unopened kit from Trader Joe's--white flowers this time.


vivi said...

So gorgeous. Aunt Helen always had one of these at Christmas. XOXO

Annette said...

they are so beautiful. My husband winters them over for years and now has some that have three huge stalks with five flowers per stalk. You would love them!

shari said...

love the color of these! i like that anticipation factor too. Because they grow so fast!!!