Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bird Geek Hike Fun Time (only 1-syllable words allowed!)

 Last weekend I went on a birdwatching hike with the Audubon Society. This is a park called Marian Bear Regional Park.
 All of these holes were made by an acorn woodpecker--they're storing the acorns deep in the holes.

 A flock of mourning doves.

 Red-shouldered hawk.
 Weird wild melon thingy.
Canine fellow hiker.

Fun fun! Whenever I'm feeling down, getting out in nature ALWAYS cheers me up. I highly recommend it!


Robin said...

What a great bunch of pics, that last one especially. Sounds like a fun hike :)

vivi said...

Foziewisp--you do manage to see things others of us just walk by! XOXO