Monday, October 6, 2014

Tea for Butterflies

This is really cute: a girl (and her grandmother) had a stand set up on the corner of my street, and I stopped (I always patronize lemonade stands, even if what's being served is lukewarm Crystal Light). They were selling pound cake (complete with strawberries and whipped cream), cookies, passionfruit sorbet (sold out), and passionfruit iced tea. And here's the tea, complete with paper umbrella! It was quite tasty.

The homeowners have a lush and lovely passionfruit vine--remember this?--and proceeds from the refreshment stand are going to help save the gulf fritillary, a pretty orange butterfly that only lays eggs on the passionfruit vine.

I love the entrepreneurial spirit and conservation concern of this young lady--you go, girlie!

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Annette said...

Love it! Had known I'd have had you buy a glass for me.