Wednesday, September 21, 2016


 Also in Santa Fe: Meow Wolf, "an immersive, multimedia art experience." (The name was chosen by pulling random words out of a hat!)

It is located in an old bowling alley, which was purchased with funds from George R.R. Martin, Santa Fe resident and author of the books upon which my beloved Game of Thrones is based.
The official greeter...

 You can see that it is, indeed immersive--lights, colors, music, sounds, interactive elements.

The exhibit is called "The House of Eternal Return," and it is a complicated narrative that starts out in an abandoned house and leads through...well, all of this (and MUCH more!). Here is a good overview of the exhibition.

Unfortunately, I didn't start at the beginning, so I was a bit confused about what I was seeing. And it was VERY VERY crowded, which made it less enjoyable than it might have been.

Still, very cool and quite unusual--very happy I went!
 Clouds. Of course!

 There were still a lot of lovely wildflowers along the road...


And these amazing clouds turned into an epic storm that evening--I watched lightning from my 15th-floor hotel room.

An exhausting but wonderful day in New Mexico!

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