Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Last Day

 The return to Albuquerque...
 This is Pie Town, which is on the Continental Divide. The town--which is a real place with a real history--was a disappointment. The pie cafes keep funny hours, alas, so the one I really wanted to go to was closed. We did have pie at one place, but it was a disappointment (to me, at least): small "personal" pies (which we shared), served on styrofoam, no coffee even offered. Boo!

 The Pie Festival is probably quite fun...the weekend AFTER our visit.

 This is part of the Very Large Array.

 The spot-in-the-road town of Magdalena, New Mexico, population 913 in the 2000 Census.

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vivi said...

WOW! There was so much to see! How did
you take it all in on such s short visit?
Thank you for sharing little foziewisp!!!