Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tinkertown Love

 This is a picture-heavy post: my visit to Tinkertown, which is located on the so-called Turquoise Trail between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It is a fantastic folk-art environment built primarily by one man, Ross Ward (he was a carnival show painter for 30 years, and obviously he was a talented painter/carver/creator [and collector!]). I spent about three hours here (22 "rooms" in this museum; many of the rooms are built from bottles).

 A collection of advertising mechanical pencils.
 A collection of wedding cake toppers.
 This circus was apparently the first environment Mr. Ward created.


And horses! (This gorgeous animal and a miniature one, too.)
I cannot express how much I LOVE places like this and am so glad they exist in the world! (There was not one digital or computerized thing in the whole place.) Heaven.

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vivi said...

Oh, my!!! This is just your kind of
place. (I'm sure you really enjoyed the
collection of pens!)