Monday, July 30, 2007

Oh, What a Weekend

It began (a bit early) on Thursday with the arrival of Miss D., all the way from L.A. We kicked off the festivities with what we like to call "foofitinis" (any sweet, colorful drink). These are actually dry champagne mixed with sparkling pink lemonade. Yum!
On Friday, Miss D. and Mr. B. headed off to Comic-Con . . . I went once, which was all I ever need to go, thank you very much (it's just not my thing). A good time was had by all . . .
Miss D. and I went off estate saling on Saturday morning. Not great scorage, but I did find this box of treasures. Yes, that is ribbon (NO! I don't have a problem!) on top of a whole box of vintage wrapping paper (including the most excellent "Tie-Tie Gift Wrapping Guide," which, among other magical things, has instructions for how to make ribbon rabbits. OMG!).
These are just two examples of the great vintage-y wrapping paper goodness.
The box also had a lot of these German paper Santas--I know they have a proper name, but we don't know what it is and so dubbed them "Santageschichten." Anyone know what these are really called? (Sorry the photo is on its side--oopsy; don't know how to fix it once it's posted here.)
And on Saturday evening: ROLLER DERBY! Oh, yeah! The league is the San Diego Derby Dolls; we saw a bout between the Diego Rollers and the Hard Corps. Grrrl powrrr, in spades. So much fun . . . we loved it.
Should I try out? Hmmm . . .
In addition to all of the fun stuff above, we had Mexican food, ice cream, peanut butter cookies, and lots and lots of good conversation. Here's to you, Miss D.!

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Dawn said...

Wow! I've been blogged! It was truly an excellent weekend and if I hadn't been so swamped you would have received a proper email with my thanks and appreciation. I'm not sure "proper email" takes the place of a thank you card but maybe you will get that too. I've just unsuccessfully looked for the real name of the santageschichten and found "belsnickle" but that may just be the candy containers.