Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tots Across America

What happens when a bunch of librarians (and several spouses) sit in a lovely French restaurant and begin to talk about other culinary experiences? The talk naturally turns to Tater Tots, and an idea takes hold: The Great Tater Tot Pledge. We all agreed to have a meal involving Tater Tots on the same day, each in our respective time zones. American ingenuity at work--behold how four different households chose to incorporate the Tots (beloved of children everywhere whose parents are going out to dinner and leaving them with babysitters) into their repasts.

We start in the East, in Virginia (at left). A simple and elegant presentation of the Tots.

Our Kentucky representative--yay, Kentucky, my home state!--chose a much more minimalist approach. And who can argue with the simplicity of Tater Tots and Diet Coke, really?

The Iowa crowd partook of a different fizzy beverage. Check out their wide array of condiments. They also get extra points for having used a George Foreman grill.

It being the hippie West Coast, the Californians had veggie burgers with organic ketchup.

Tater Tots have come a long way since school lunch days. Check out the Ore-Ida website . . . Tots now come in shapes, flavors, and Extra Crispy (we're trying those when next the Tater Tots Across America Club convenes!). And there's even an Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Nascar car driven by Jon Wood; unfortunately, the car doesn't look like a giant Tater Tot on wheels . . .

Bon appetit!
Edited: I had this post up twice, so I deleted one of them--and all the photos disappeared from this one. ARGH!!! Clearly, I need to go out and get a copy of Blogging for Dummies ASAP.

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