Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Easing Into It

I decided to give myself permission to ease into the new year and all of my goals and ambitions (which are many) for myself in it. Our tendency, I think, is the whole, "OK, it's January 1, today I start exercising/eating right/writing in my journal/whatever; if I don't start doing it today--and if I don't do it EVERY day, I will fail." I'm sort of that way too, and oh, the recriminations that follow on about January 4 when I neglect to fulfill one of my goals! So, for me, it was perfectly fine that I didn't get done all the things I thought about when I woke up this morning. The year is young!

One thing I intend to do from now on is stop using the word "should," as in, " I should do X," or "I should have done Y, but I didn't." Too much guilt wrapped up in that. Instead, I will use the words "I will do..." or "I will try to do..." or "it would make me happy if I did. . . " It's a small change, but a positive one, I think... What are YOUR wishes for 2008?


vivi said...

I wish for all in my life to be HEALTHY and happy in this new year.

Stephanie said...

I love the picture of the grapevine wreath, it is very pretty. Take it easy with your resolutions, don't kill yourself!!