Monday, January 7, 2008

A Tale of Two Booties

(OK, the last vestiges of Christmas '07.) While I was Christmas shopping in an antique mall, I saw these darling little papier-mache Santa boots, which the tag said were hand-carried over from Belgium. I HAD to have them; I did buy something for someone else there, thus justifying (to myself) my buying myself a little prezzie.
Imagine my utter delight and amazement when I opened THESE Santa boots, given to me by my friend Alice. We'd certainly not ever talked about Santa boots--but there you go. One more pair, and it's officially a collection. How cute are they?! (Thanks again, Alice!)
These pix were taken with my new darling/adorable/amazing/cool-o-rama camera--now I will always have a camera with me to capture all the blog fodder out in the world. It was a gift from my sweetest B., who got tired of hearing me exclaim, "Darn it, I forgot the camera again!"
(He's the best! Really and truly. And not because he buys me cool presents--for a zillion other reasons, large and small.)

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