Thursday, January 24, 2008

January Showers (Deluges) Bring...

It's so chilly and stormy here--which is fine since it's winter, after all--but I like to look at photos of flowering loveliness to remind myself that after the mud/gophers/weeds/etc., come these (LOTS of these: it's nigella, or love-in-a-mist, which is a prodigious self-sower).

Operation Fox Urine has begun--let's hope the gophers aren't very clever and are fooled by the smell (which is rather nasty, by the way); we spread a lot of it, so maybe the gophers will think a small herd/skulk/troop/lead (don't you love all the wacky collective nouns for groups of animas?) of foxes has taken up residence. As for the weeds . . . sigh.

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Stephanie said...

OK I know that gophers are pests, but they are so darn cute. Lolly is our gopher because she is always digging to get under the covers. She is obsessed with it.