Monday, March 10, 2008

Road Trippin'

B. and Tallulah Mae and I took a little road trip on Saturday. The original plan was to go here, to see wildflowers, but gas prices being what they are, we decided to go to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. It's a little bit closer to home, and we'd never been there before. A wildflower website said there were blooms to be seen--but we saw nary a one. This is the landscape there--it was severely burned in the 2003 Cedar fire (not sure if it burned last year as well). Many of the trees had green bits sprouting, so perhaps recovery is happening? Strangely beautiful, if also sad to think of the destruction. We had a lovely little picnic in the car, enjoyed the scenery and the fabulous spring weather, watched a hawk hover effortlessly right above us, had a coffee in Julian, and came home. Fun!!!
What? No golden retrievers allowed? How unfair! Oh . . . no DOGS allowed. . .

Tallulah Mae, being a rebel, flaunted the rules. (Not really: we didn't go on any trails since, bogusly, no dogs are allowed.)
Oh, and also? No men with flaming guns allowed either (thank goodness!).

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