Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bird Geek Paraphernalia

Here are my supplies for last weekend's Great Backyard Bird Count...binoculars, my Audubon field guide, and a checklist of birds in my zip code.
And my trusted assistant, of course...
Actually, it was a bit of a bust; I only saw about 10 birds during my counting sessions. It was quite grey and cold (for SoCal, that is), so the birds must have been in their nests having hot chocolate and wearing Ugg boots, I guess.

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Lesley said...

Dear Sherry,
I am sorry your bird count wasn't as abundant as you had hoped it would be. I have never participated in that, but I love to watch the birds everyday.

Your lists are so very interesting...especially the "current obsessions"...what a good idea to keep track of such things...the things that end up the fabric of our days.

Wishing you rain and peace and more birds,