Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tasty, Pretty: Pretty Tasty (Actually, VERY Tasty)

How pretty are these, y'all?
They are lovely little works of chocolate art... they remind me a bit of billiard balls...
They are from Kohler Chocolates (yes, THAT Kohler, the folks responsible for your faucets) in Wisconsin, and they taste even better than they look. This assortment is called Garden Ganache. Yum. Yum. And oh yes, yum!
(I actually won these in another blog giveaway...I'm telling you, December and January must have used up all my luck for the entire year!)


Anonymous said...

Yum these do look good, actually at first I thought they were marbles!!

P.S. You know it girl, Miss Tuna, he he!!! Where is T.P.? Maybe you will post her later, can't miss the T.P.F.

vivi said...

NOOOOO! You have not used up all your luck! It has only just begun! Hugs and kissed to you, B, & TM.