Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Calling All Bird Geeks!

OMG, check this out! (I'm so excited...) This weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count: all across the country, everyone who participates will be counting birds and sending their data in to the project, co-sponsored by the Audubon Society and Cornell University's Ornithology Lab.

I am SOOOOO doing it...gotta go now and study my bird guide so that I can ID something other than a crow... Come on, get out your binoculars and join me! Bird Geeks Unite!

(Again, I feel compelled to point out that I mean "bird geek" in the very best way--I'm not actually knowledgeable enough to be a true bird geek; I'm more of a journeyman bird geek...)


Anonymous said...

He he Sherri, you are so darn cute, enjoy your birdies!!

Robin said...

Bird Geek alerrrrrrrrt! :o) Tweet-tweet-tweet!