Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Week: Jacks o'Lantern

A collection that started out rather modestly but now fills the dining room table. We can't really afford the truly vintage ones, but I do try to buy ones that are made by craftspeople (or even kids...I have one tin can jack o' made by a child)--in other words, we try to avoid the "made in China" label if at all possible. These make me smile.

I was just saying the other day--and here's where I put on my cranky hat ("Get off my lawn!")--that I find rather distasteful the gory/bloody/slasher turn that Halloween seems to have taken in recent years. To each his/her own, of course, but I prefer whimsical/spooky but not bloody/eerie but not gory for my Halloween fun. {Takes cranky hat off, saunters off to find some candy corn and hot cider.}


shari said...

candy corn and hot spiced cider...yep, me too. i'm into cute kids in cute, funny, creative costumes! and maybe a gorilla suit or two...

JuJu said...

My favorite costume was always the gypsy. I loved wearing the wig.

Just felt like I had toshare this. :-)