Wednesday, July 21, 2010

F.O.T. (Friend of Tallulah)

This beautiful little Siamese cat came meowing over to us as Tallulah and I were walking. Tallulah is VERY interested in cats, but I'm never sure exactly what that interest is (friendship? curiosity? mealtime?). I always have her lie down and I feed her treats while she examines the cat (and I always stand on her leash just in case she decides to do something...unfortunate).
She (he?) sidled right up to Tallulah, walking right under her chin...they sniffed each other and then the cat parked herself about 18 inches away. They stared at each other, and then we continued on our merry way.


Robin said...

How cool is that? And what a beautiful kitty!

Probabir: I think Tallulah probabir wouldn't hurt the kitty.

JuJu said...

What a lovely lady! I wonder what she and Tallulah had to say to each other as they got acquainted??

I love the relationship between my cats and dog! They are such CHILDREN!!

word: cattedg

How ironic that the word for this post is cattedg!