Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day, 2010

Deviled eggs (Y.U.M.!!), made by my very own mom, who is here for a fun visit.
The cute and small neighborhood parade.
This truck had the patriotic music blaring.
Flags on display.
Tallulah Mae wishing you a Happy Fourth of July (and urging you to eat some ice cream--it's your patriotic duty, y'all!)


JuJu said...

I could eat that entire plate of deviled eggs. YUM! Does Mom have a secret ingredient?

Your pix depict the most wonderful small town America celebration. I love them! And TM looks festive as always. In her honor, I will eat a drumstick today!

word: terergov

The president was worried about the terergov of the middle eastern countries.

shari said...

love your pics! i live in small-town america too. love the little parade and neighborhood fireworks (never safe and sane but beautiful from our front porch...) and the BBQs. rainy today, mid 50's...wondering where my summer is! my honey's out mowing the yard in the rain. happy freedom celebrations to you!

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