Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Clothesline Week: Day Two

I really have a thing for old linens (napkins, tea towel, tablecloths). In addition to the ones squirreled away around my house, I've had a lot of success selling them on Etsy. These napkins were bought by a photo stylist who plans to use them in a cookbook photo shoot.


Robin said...

Could that be cooler? Your wares are famous! I wonder if you could get a credit with a little URL to Betty and Dot?! Hm?

bowno: To the evil king I will bowno.

lapdogknits said...

I love old linens, unable to part with them but seldom use them:(
Love the look of clothes lines but have found I have to choose between a line or bird feeders....having both has created a problem. Wonder how the neighbors would respond to a county clothes line in the front yard with linens so I can enjoy the birds out back? Maybe I can start a new trend....