Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun Fall Outing: The Scenery

Every Fall we try to go on a little road trip/excursion/hike/picnic: it's the Fun Fall Outing (or FFO!), as we have dubbed it. This past weekend we drove out east to Julian, a sweet little town in the mountains. This time of year it's a bit overrun with other folks on their own FFOs, but the trip there is as important as the destination, don't you agree?


JuJu said...

The FFO makes me feel very happy. I love the balloon!


Blexan was the reindeer that Santa DIDN'T choose.

Robin said...

Looks like a whole host of beautiful nature to behold. :o)

Kathryn said...

Always! Love drives in the country! I made one, a trek, no trip, okay, I took the interstate this past weekend to Pennsylvania to see hubbalisous. He took a job outside of Philly. Anyway, the fall colors were fab! Great time of year to get out/into nature!!