Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Devil(ishly Good) Eggs

I boiled the eggs, but I never got around to dyeing them for Easter--I was hampered by a lack of food coloring and was too bone idle to go buy some; I had big plans to dye them with natural things like onion skins, coffee, etc., but that didn't happen either! However, I did make some delish (if I do say so myself!) deviled eggs (lots of cumin and a garlic chive garnish). My mom makes killer deviled eggs, but these were pretty darn respectable. And you can't eat just one, you know?


JuJu said...

I totally want to devour those eggs. Man oh man, they look MAHVELOUS dahling.

I wish this was smellavision.


Each paint company has a special employee in charge of "de-painting." They call him the Untintr.

shari said...

my mother-in-law taught me to make easter eggs that way... grasses, flowers, etc., all tied up in onion skins and boiled... beautiful eggs!! but i love to eat 'em too! yummy!