Monday, May 23, 2011


Hi! Looking for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway post? It's here.

Would you please check out this Cute-wawa? My head has exploded from the darlingtude of this. He/she was just sitting there like this, in a parked truck. The Chihuahuas, they must be stopped before all heads are blown off (the cranium explosion is not permanent, BTW--your head will return to you momentarily). This is part of the ongoing "Dogs in Cars" series (sing it, like the Duran Duran song "Girls on Film": "Dogs in Cars!"


JuJu said...

This baby looks so sleeeeeeepy. That sunshine must be making her feel so tired! LOVE her!! BOOM!


Yes dahlings, I am in need of a 10 carat diamond ring. Can you take care of that for moi?

shari said...

yep, that's exactly how I feel when the sun is shining on me!! Pure contentment and the secret smile!

Robin said...

Darn. Brains on the ceiling again. Hee hee. So cute!

unqtwort: Harry! Quick! What's that reverse-unqtwort spell again???