Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This Year's Sweet (Pea) Crop

Greetings! Look here for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway (and welcome!).
Oh, peas of sweetness, how I love thee! The smell, the butterfly-like blooms, the fact that some of the edges look as if they've been painted by hand with watercolors. {Sniff...aaahhhh...heaven!}


Staci said...

I've always loved sweet peas, so thank you so much for your photos this morning! I can almost close my eyes and smell the sweetness!

Robin said...

Purdy! I bet they smell as sweet as they look...

Ah, the sun is out today. No noose need be fashioned today! Ha!

And did you hear the Unabomber is having an estate sale!? Yeeks.

aphoniu: I aphoniu after I eata my pasta.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love sweet peas. I didn't get mine planted early enough this spring and now it's too late to plant them here in the south. So thanks for posting photos of yours.