Monday, May 16, 2011

A Grasshopper Pulls a Norma Desmond

Soooo fascinating, no? Check out Mr. Grasshopper here--he just molted and he's ready for his close-up (not really--he tried to back away from me as I pointed the camera at him).
Here's what he left behind...ghost grasshopper!


JuJu said...

THAT is the coolest picture yet. The fact that you spied that with your eye!
One summer Taylor babysat the science class tarantula. We didn't know that it molted. (thanks teacher!) That was quite the experience for all of us!!


I think the hippies like to ride the grarail!!

shari said...

sherri, you find the COOLEST things!!!!

Sally said...

Very cool! I had a grasshopper outside my front door last year, but he wasn't doing anything nearly as cool as molting.