Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Midwestern Odyssey: Part Eight: Dogs Along the Way

Satchel: he is an amazing/funny/goofy/ bull mastiff.
Star: she is permanently winking at you as she has only one eye.
Satchel and Star: they live together; Star is quite patient (he is still a teenager.)
Hershey: he is a long-distance trucker dog.
Bubba: he is a Chinese Crested with trust issues.

Dogs! Never far from my dog-loving grasp--or my ever-present camera--even when I'm on vacay!

Bonus: a video of Satchel (who is camera shy) and Star. They belong to my sweet friend, Miss J-Lou, and her family.

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JuJu said...

oh yay!! Did you guys take TM on your trip with you? Rockett doesn't travel well, so I always miss her so much during vacations! I love seeing other animals when we are away!


I love the galyc language!