Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Midwestern Odyssey: Part Two: Food!

Ahh, Frisch's Big Boy...many hours spent there in my youth.
Ale-8-1: Kentucky's delish ginger ale(ish) soda.
Bologna salad, an off-the-menu item available at the Dairy Queen in Richmond, Indiana.
A delightful spread at my great-aunt's house--check out the quilt-as-tablecloth: tres chic!
Cobbler! Brownies!
The candy counter at Abbott's Candy in Hagerstown, Indiana.
The most sublime donut I've ever put in my mouth--no kidding!
From Jack's Donut Shoppe, in New Castle, Indiana.


JuJu said...

I really want all of these. Did you try the bologna salad? And, just what IS bologna salad?
Can I live at your great aunt's house?


The impknome likes to hang out in the bird bath, only because he's small and stupid.

Robin said...

Gastrotastic! and that donut! Yummmmmmmmmmm. You know me and donuts. Thankfully, I don't act on it! Ha!

Kathryn said...

Donuts... my very favorite, ultimate, secret sin, indulgence that I must fight the urge to run out to get every morning! Get it?
There is an elderly gentleman that brings a box of donuts every Friday to the florist where I worked. I would beg to work Fridays for that very reason. Sorry to go on so.