Friday, September 30, 2011

Tallulah-Palooza Friday

Our little invalid: Tallulah Mae had to have surgery on Wednesday to remove a small "mass" from her right front leg. We won't know what it was until we get the biopsy results on Wednesday--everyone please think positive thoughts that it was...nothing.

In the above photo she is still very groggy...she kept nodding off while standing up (poor sweet girl!)
The t-shirt is in place of the dreaded Elizabethan collar--she had one on at the vet and came running out to see me, wagging her tail, kissing the vet tech good-bye (bopping him in the face with the E-collar). The vet advised us to try the t-shirt since it's much less disturbing to the dog than the cone. So far, so good...
Camille, on her couch...
B. donated his 42-year-old University of Maryland-Munich t-shirt to the cause...
Soooo darling (cute or sad? You be the judge!). The incision is healing nicely and she's not messing with it--yet. I have a long-sleeved striped shirt that may be next if she starts to bother the wound. Anything but the cone, say I!

She's getting extra treats: rotisserie chicken! Since I'm a vegetarian, she never gets meat, so it's extra-exciting. Every time I open the fridge, I look down and find my little friend at my feet, willing some delicious chicken to levitate out and into her mouth.


JuJu said...

She looks like a young college co-ed in that tshirt. I think she should continue to wear them all the time?

I will think good thoughts and send good vibes to you guys. I know this must be a tough time for you, so I hope the stress and worry will be lifted soon. Give TM a gentle hug for me.


Staicke it where the sun don't shine!!

Andy's Attic said...

Poor, sweet, baby! She looks so cute and I'm glad she doesn't have to wear the cone. The best thoughts are coming your way,

Kathryn said...

She shall have nothing less than the best of all outcomes, I KNOW it! And, all the treats and sloppy love, oh and lots of baby talk too! So what if she gets spoiled!