Thursday, February 23, 2012

From My Garden, February Edition

We're getting ready to re-do the gardens, front and back, and the cutting garden is in a state of disarray, yet there is still loveliness to be seen. Above are daffodils that I plunked in the ground a few years ago; they were a potted plant given as a gift, and I just sort of threw them in the dirt. They reliably come up every year, god bless them.
Same with these snowdrops (love the dotted accents!). These came up earlier in the month.
Ditto this hyacinth: it was an Easter present in a pot from B., and I later put it in the cutting garden. The bloom is small, but lovely!
Spotlight, please! This was the very last rose before I pruned my bushes back heavily earlier in the month (a bit late, actually, but they've now sprung back to life with fresh new leaves). Gardening will always surprise you...sometimes unpleasantly, but usually in the nicest of ways!


vivi said...

Daffodils were one of Mother's favorite flowers (along with the peonies you just love!). Those are so pretty. XOXO

Andy's Attic said...

Beautiful! We are far away from blooming at our house so I will enjoy yours.

JuJu said...

I've never seen anything like that second flower. It is so simple and elegant! Truly lovely!

I love your green thumb!!

shari said...

love your flowers! that snowdrop is gorgeous! i saw my first daffodil and some crocuses. we're still a ways away from anything really blooming and the snow is flurrying today out the window... thanks sharing your flowers!!

Robin said...

I love the whole 'throw it in the dirt and it grows' method of gardening! somehow that doesn't work for me. you must have magic soil over there! beautiful, all of them!