Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fun with Food

B. served this up the other night, totally oblivious to the fact that he'd created a famous face. (It's curried lentils over rice, mini pitas, and cranberry chutney at the bottom. Can you say "YUM"!). Sing with me: "L-E-N, T-I-L, CURRY..." You know the tune!


JuJu said...

Seriously, he didn't realize what he was making?
You need to get him out more.


I just don't undst-and how B couldn't see what he was creating.

Anonymous said...

Oh too funny. But then he isn't a fan. I still remember the Disneyland name tag with his name at PCC that anyone else would have loved to have!

Robin said...

I always wanted to be on either the Kaptain Kangaroo or the Mickey Mouse show, but the closest I got was The Banjo Billy Show, Mickey's illegitimate half brother. Yummy looking lentils.

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