Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Furr's, Y'all

My love for cafeterias is well known, so we had to make a visit to Furr's.

That is my very own tray above, all in lovely shades of yellow--and yes, there IS tapioca pudding and there ARE two pieces of pie there. Ahem. (Everything you see was good except for the fried okra--not very good. And I only ate a few bites of the coconut cream pie but ALL of the custard pie. YUM!). I thought about getting the blue and green Jello, just for effect, but that seemed wasteful (I actually do not like Jello much at all...).


Kathryn said...

WOW!!! I enlarged the picture just to see, um, savor the grand food on your tray. Mac-n-cheese, green beans and TWO scoops of mashed potatoes, mixed veggies (small bowl), fruit (small bowl), French/Texas toast, two slices of pie (as mentioned) and tapioca pudding. The fried okra. Aw man! That shoulda been the best part!
Do love Furr's. Used to go to Luby's often. Called it my lunch at the old folks home. Loved to eat with them and mostly loved "home cooking" when I was single. Thanks for the memories!
hugs! kat

Andy's Attic said...

Yum, yum, eat 'em up! That looks like a lot of food but if it's good, it goes down easy...

JuJu said...

Oh man, I'm so with you. Not only do I love a cafeteria, but oh a vegetable plate! Granted, I'm not a vegetarian, but I love the combination of veggies on that plate.

And, how fun are all the little bowls and plates!