Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's a Day for Cupcakes

Sometimes you just feel like a cupcake, right? (I mean that you feel like eating one [or two], not that you feel like being poured into a pleated paper cup and slathered with frosting. Or maybe you do? I'm not judging...)

These, which I have blogged about before, are yum--as B. puts it, they put the "cake" back in "cupcake," meaning that the cake itself is super tasty, not just a vehicle for frosting (this frosting is no slouch--it's ganache; in this case, I beat it one millisecond too long, like when you whip cream a bit too long. Still tastes mighty fine, if I do say so myself!). And every cupcake needs a washi tape flag, just because!


Colleen said...

hmmmm...I could do with a cupcake right now and these look delicious!

Sampson and Lorrie said...

We adore cupcakes! Last night, we made chocolate cakes and swirled cream cheese frosting on top! LOVE the cute flags :) Yummy!!!

~Sampson and Lorrie
Puddles & Price

Andy's Attic said...

Can you send some up this way??

JuJu said...

While you're sending some to Andy, make sure to send some my way too.

The flags make them so festive!

Kathryn said...

Right now I am feeling like a cupcake. All mushy and fluffy inside. Think I'll go eat some frosting and feel better.