Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Housedresses and Dusters

I really love a good housedress--I've been known to wear them as out-of-the-house dresses--if they're cute, who cares?. Check out this darling homemade one I just got--love the print, love the sweet button detail, love the bias tape and piping detail (also on the pockets and the hem...the seamstress did a very nice job). Cool and comfy for the hot weather ahead.

And speaking of housecoats or dusters: check out this darling version made by Sampson and Lorrie of the super-sweet blog Puddles and Price. They bought the pattern from my Etsy shop Sew Betty and Dot, and they sewed it right up into a cute cute CUTE duster. They are the very best kind of Etsy customers--communicative and sweet, they are what makes Etsy such a fun place to sell vintage. Cheers, Lorrie and Sampson--and thanks again! I'll be checking in frequently to see what other fun things they're up to on their lovely blog.


Kathryn said...

Oh! A woman after my own heart!
You need to add Moo Moos to the list. Any kind of dress that is loose and breezy in the summer has to be the most comfortable thing to wear! With the added benefit of not having to hold your stomach in the whole time!
I love wearing my mother's old Moo Moo from the 60's. It's the best in many ways!

Colleen said...

My Nana always wore a housecoat at home when she was cleaning or just hanging out (as if a Nana just hung out!). I remember her with her stocking rolled down when she was getting ready to do out.

Thanks for the memory!

JuJu said...

You know I want to agree with and LOVE everything you do.

Our neighbor, who is REALLY scary, wears her housecoat all day long,and said housecoat is really really SHORT. And,she doesn't need to be wearing a short housecoat.

If ya know what I mean...

Sampson and Lorrie said...

Hello from Lorrie and Sampson! Sheri, you are so sweet to mention us on your wonderful blog - thank you so very much! We absolutely love this post and couldn't be happier with our duster pattern. Actually, we are in the process of making more because we love the first one so much. Thank you again, and we'll be visiting you often as well ^_^

~Lorrie and Sampson