Monday, March 12, 2012

Bee Moving Day

This bee box is sitting atop a water meter, where the bees had swarmed and taken up residence. The homeowner called a bee expert, who came and put the box atop the meter; he must have moved the queen into the box--otherwise, the bees would not have moved house. Hats off to the homeowner--many folks would have called someone to come in and exterminate them, but he's an avid gardener, and he told me he's moving the box to the canyon behind his house.
Not sure what these girls are doing, but they are busy busy busy!


JuJu said...

I hope that homeowner gets many years of good karma for doing that!!

Bees have fascinated me ever since reading, "The Secret Life of Bees!"

Stupid Two word verification. Grrr.

Robin said...

Very nice to see. When I first saw the picture I thought of your lavender-induced, postman-preventing bee colony. I wondered if your colony had returned and you were doing something cool with them.