Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Birthday Week, Continued

In honor of my landmark birthday, I share with you my elementary school portraits.

I cannot share with you the junior high or high school photos because in those years the hair and glasses became rather scary. I got contact lenses in the ninth grade, but alas, they could not help my hairstyle.

In my senior portrait, I look like a realtor. And not in a good way.

Stay tuned for a quiz tomorrow...

It feels a bit self-indulgent to blog about me and my birthday all week, but you only turn 50 once!


Kathryn said...

You are sooooo cute! But, I totally understand the "ugh" years. I always looked like I was sick that day, probably was HA! Happy continued birthday week! See if you can stretch it into a birthday month!

JuJu said...

LOVE these! That pigtails photo is priceless.

And, I love the era of the photo with the open books. They make you look so smart!

I say bring on the middle school pix. No one looked good at that age! I remember one year I SHAVED my eyebrows.

vivi said...

Hey! I thought you were adorable in all of the pics! But then I am a bit prejudice when it comes to my special person. And--the queen of Sweden celebrates her birthday all week so you should too. XOXO

Andy's Attic said...

Adorable child!! I looked awful in those middle years, too.
Did you know the rule book says that when you turn 50 you get to celebrate for the whole month?!!!
Yes you do!!