Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Playing with Dolls

 One of my Etsy shops, Sew Betty and Dot (check it out over there on the right), is full of vintage sewing patterns and other sewing paraphernalia. Etsy encourages you to join teams, and I'm on the Pattern Patter team--obviously, we are all sellers of vintage patterns.

We have a team blog, and I wrote a blog post this week about Barbie clothes (made by my very own sweet mom!). In order to write said blog post, I played with my Barbies (fitting for a fifty-year-old, yes?). In the above shop, classic red-headed Skipper is giving the side-eye to Cindy Brady Skipper and Scooter, that minx, on the left.
 Stylin' Barbie!
 Creepy Ken (those eyebrows!).
 This Twist-n-Turn Barbie has stolen Malibu Francie's cool shades.
 All of the girls hanging out in the dressing room/closet (more hand-made clothes on the Barbies on the right).
And accessories! Skateboard (that's Scooter's), tennis racket and ball, fuzzy scale set to 110 pounds, powder box and puff...and stockings and shoes galore (there are more shoes and boots than those seen here). I was a rather meticulous child, and so no accessory or shoe ever went awry.

But you know what? Those teeny clothes with their tiny armholes and weensy snaps are best suited for tiny hands! I struggled with them (not helped by the fact that my era of Barbies had bendable--rubber--legs, so things do not slide up and down them very easily--that somehow sounds somewhat naughty, doesn't it?).

It was a definitely a fun few hours...


Annette said...

It sounds like fun! I (stupidly) did not keep my Barbie (the ORIGINAL). Like you, I was meticulous and all my toys were in perfect shape. I'm just enough older that we didn't yet have all the other Barbie family yet...well, maybe Ken, but I didn't have him and his brows are creepy.Great that you you got to do a post!!!

Annette said...

PS Your post was geat and I am amazed at how good your mother is at making those tiny clothes!!

JuJu said...

Oh this bring back such great memories. Oh, how I loved playing with my Barbies. Yours are gorgeous. That Scooter is a troublemaker.

Sally said...

I love this! Last year, my mom gave me a vintage Barbie pattern.... I think she might have gotten it from my aunt. Anyway, I made my niece a dress and then made a "matching" dress for her Barbie. It was definitely a pain trying to do those tiny little seams and edges and such!