Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bee Bonk

We're not the only ones who enjoy wisteria--these big black buzzy bees were all over it while it was in bloom. However, unlike my honeybee girls (who are so busy working they don't much care what you do around them), these guys/gals are super aware of me and my camera. I took a photo...
...and then it flew right into the lens, buzzing indignantly (that black blur at upper left is the bee bonk of the title). Bee! Bonk!


Lap Dog Knits said...

You're MUCH braver than me..
our wisteria is the same - busy sounds from hovering bumble bees,,or those horrible green beatles that bounce off the walls - yikes, I run from those!

Colleen said...

Our wisteria is long gone, as are the azaleas. We are coming to the end of the conferdate jasmine too! What a heavenly aroma!

The husband went with the cub scouts (I call them cubcakes) to a bee farm up in Cottageville ( small town about an hour away from absolutely nothing) last Saturday and they all had a great time!