Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Snail Tale

"It's been an epic journey...one that began, many blorps ago, over by the downspout. I've reached the end of the trail here on this mat. I can go no further--the coir area is unknown territory. On the map it reads, "Here be scritchiness--beware."
"Here I am, on the road again...why, I seem to have a Willie Nelson song stuck in my head..."
"My vertigo is kicking in...I can't look down..."
"I think I've been abducted by aliens--someone call MUFON. I hope there are no probes involved."

The End.

{I picked Snailio Iglesias here up and relocated him over near (ahem) the neighbor's yard where there is plenty of tasty grass.}


vivi said...

Oh, my dear foziewisp. You are something else! I'm sure Mr. Snail is telling all his friends about you! XOXO

Andy's Attic said...

We don't see many snails up here but if you want a slug to play with, I will gladly send you many of them!!

JuJu said...

Just imagine how hard he worked to get over there and then you moved him. Bless his little slimy heart.

Colleen said...

Great story! JuJu is quite right...poor Mr Snail spent all that time getting where he was and Viola next thing he knows he's back where he started!

Sally said...

Snailio Iglesias! I love it! We don't really have snails here, so I was fascinated when I visited my aunt in CA and there was one crossing her drive.